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Name: Hannah
Age: 15
Address: Toronto, Ontario

Colour: Purple
Food: Poutine
Drinks: Tea
Fruits: Grapes & Berries
Celebs: Miley Cyrus, Nick Jonas, and Harry Styles

Been trying to let you go.

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Cus here we go again.

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Posted on 5/Jan/14
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My level of sarcasm’s gotten to a point where I don’t even know if I’m kidding or not.

Posted on 19/Dec/13
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What is Miley Cyrus going to have for Thanksgiving?

dont you fucking dare


if countries were students
  • Australia: The class clown who makes everyone laugh
  • America: The jock who loves themselves and everyone secretly hates
  • Canada: The nice person who offers to show you around on your first day
  • England: The hot boy everybody wants to bang because he's a gentlemen
  • New Zealand: Australia's little brother who is the only one who thinks Australia sucks
  • The Netherlands: That high kid in the back that everyone just ignores
  • France: The romantic playboy who hangs around England too much
  • China: The overly smart kid who puts his hand up for every question
  • Russia: The scary large kid that nobody talks to because they'll probably get stabbed


Everything you love is here


Everything you love is here